Age of Kali – Lost for Words

Why would anyone do this? Oh wait! Religion.

I do love Indian journalists, they aren’t allowed to criticise this woman for fear of political backlash since politicians in India are corrupt (You aren’t fooling anyone.) and are famed for insane bribes and horrific abuses of power.

An eccentric ”thanksgiving act” by Saritha, a fan of AIADMK chief J Jayalalitha, who was in the news for cutting off her tongue before a diety when the party supremo emerged victorious in the Assembly polls, has finally paid off.

This isn’t an “eccentric thanksgiving act” this is an act of self mutilation by someone who thought that giving up her tongue was what prompted a god to win an election for this woman. Not the fact that she was literally the lesser of two evils since the choice was “insanely corrupt” vs “Caligula-esque”.

The big question is this. Why are we treating this event as if it were a sensible thing? This woman should be sectioned! Not given a job! This isn’t the behaviour of a sane individual, this is the behaviour of someone seriously disturbed.

And there we see the true problem here. If she said that she did this for Xenu we would have had her sectioned in a psychiatric ward in a heartbeat. Because we recognise Xenu as a ludicrous concept. A Joke Deity. However because it is a god from a sanctioned religion we have to treat her like she was sane and this was a logical and good thing to do.

Not only that but her actions are being sanctioned by a major politician. It’s like carte blanche for some idiot to do something similar. This is a disturbed woman who literally has cut her own tongue out because she promised a mythical being that she would if something inevitable occurred.

And what’s more it is a testament that no one has called her out on this because she is receiving the patronage of a politician. India is a world where you cannot call a spade a spade for fear of insulting the powerful who will behave like petty children, ruining you for the sake of criticism. If people had any sense they would criticise Saritha for her action, and criticise Jayalalitha for her approval. Last but not least they should criticise themselves for thinking this is a sensible act. 

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