It Gets Better – Or maybe not?

Gary Cass certainly thinks it gets worse.

I don’t see It Gets Better as a pro-gay campaign, I see it as an anti-bullying campaign. All manner of people go through school being bullied be it for what they look like, or what they are or what they have said or what people think of them. I don’t see why the message shouldn’t apply to some kid being bullied because he cannot play sport well or maybe because he likes something considered a bit effeminate.

It’s there to give people being bullied hope that some day they don’t have to take that nonsense and that most people grow up. That it will get better when they leave the confines of school.

Gary Cass, certainly has not grown up. He is still a giant pillock. A douchebag of epic proportions, waging war on an anti bullying campaign that I know isn’t just for gay people but also for every single other person being bullied. Gay children need it the most because it is they who are most easily bullied. By their peers, by their teachers, by parents, by priests and by society. We are changing but it will take time.

“God created human beings “in His image” as male and female complementary halves of one whole and designed human civilization to rest upon the foundation of the natural family, protected by the covenant of marriage. (Source: Allan Carlson, Paul Mero, The Natural Family: Bulwark of Liberty, 2008; Harry V. Jaffa, Homosexuality and the Natural Law, 1990)”

We are products of evolution. And even if we were created by God, then surely gay people are part of his creation too? By this logic it’s not just gay people whose marriages are not protected. It’s muslim, hindu, jewish and indeed atheist marriages that aren’t protected since none of those were declared by the same god.

The argument of our opponent is a slippery slope argument, if we legalise homosexuality and accept it then eventually we will fuck dogs and children. By that logic if we refuse to fight for homosexual marriage then eventually all our own rights to marry will be up for question because we do not fit into the biblical model.

“Both church and state have agreed throughout the centuries that a society based upon the natural family, protected by the institution of marriage, is necessary for civilization to thrive and that the worst enemy of the family is permissive social attitudes about sexuality. (Sources: Sherif Girgis, Robert P. George, Ryan T. Anderson, “What is Marriage,” Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 245-287, Winter 2010″

Both church and state also backed slavery, the institutional oppression of women and ethnic minorities. “Natural Law” was cited then as the west carted around Savages to display. Natural Law shows homosexuality is common and even normal in a lot of other species. It’s not just us.

Yes. I will agree. The worst enemy of family is permissive social attitudes to sex. Permissive social attitudes to sex are linked directly to the liberation of women. And liberated women do not have to listen to the old patriarchal model of family. If people are unhappy in a relationship they do not wish to simply force themselves to be in one. Now what we have is choice. Yes choice to either get divorced or to stay together.

“The homosexuality-affirming movement robs children of their inherent, inalienable, and self-evident right to be raised whenever possible by their biological parents. Government-sanction of homosexual unions constitutes the radical endorsement of the deliberate creation of motherless or fatherless children.”

Bollocks! Most kids used to be raised in extended families. Many would be sent to boarding school and many would be apprenticed off at a young age.

No. Improper sex education fosters the creation of motherless and fatherless children. Gay people mostly adopt and ensure kids in the overworked foster system are given a home with love. A few gay people use surrogacy but ultimately most adopt.

It is a lie that homosexual conduct is not a choice. Although same-sex attraction may be involuntary, one’s response to it is completely voluntary. All sex is voluntary except rape. Further, all people have the obligation to resist temptations, no matter how strong, that lead to personal and social harms.”

Even if homosexuality were a choice I would have no problems with it. All this argument is doing is producing a strong case for us to ban alcohol. After all homosexuals are at best 1/20 of the population, but alcohol? I mean it causes all the social ills of violence, of abuse, of alcoholism. It causes personal damage by wicked hangovers and cirrhosis… Alcohol is more deadly than “being gay”. The biggest problem amongst homosexuals is the rapid spread of HIV through their populations due to their small population and lack of use of contraception as gay men simply assumed (and still assume) that condoms stop pregnancy but no the spread of HIV. Education is the key.

And not all gay men enjoy anal sex. It’s the same as in straight women (or indeed straight men), not everyone enjoys it. Those that do indulge, those that do not simply don’t have anal sex. Assuming all gay men enjoy it is just a stereotype. If that’s the issue then we should be campaigning against bumming, not agai
nst gay people! More straight people have anal sex than gay people anyways.

A point in case is most of this research comes from really really old medical research. Like Issue 18 of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (published around about 1950)

The lies posted on this site are phenomenal. They really are. They assume that homosexual lifestyle is one that recruits and that we glamourise it. Quick show of hands gay people, how many of you were bullied by people. How many of you think that we display a life free of prejudice and suffering to kids? It seeks to flood people with the idea that gay people are dysfunctional.

All that has happened since the 1960s is that women have started to see sex as something enjoyable and to seek enjoyment in it. This frightens the church. Women have slipped out off the leash so as to speak. The new bitches are gays and the church wants to milk the fear of them.

If me and a woman one day (I need to find a a woman willing to do this first!) decide to marry. I hope it would be for life, but if we should realise that it was not meant to be then I would want a divorce. If you think you should remain together for life then “don’t bloody get a divorce”. Just stay together and be an unloving relationship. I mean if you really are sleeping in separate beds then you have the same relationship as me and a flatmate not husband and wife. No piece of legal paper or magic words spoken by the clergy will change the fact that your relationship is dead and that what you possess is a sham and that you both would be better off moving on rather than living in such idiocy. 

That is the greatest travesty of marriage, it is meant to be a celebration of love between two individuals who hope to spend their little piece of eternity together. That’s what it means to us in the west. To most people across the globe it’s to validate the formation of children. Duty. Marriage is a job to most christians world wide. In a lot of people it is there to secure the livelihood of their children with women being married to men who earn a lot of money and men marrying women who look pretty and can do the washing up.

Who cares if both the individuals are the same gender? It’s not affecting the rest of us in any shape or form. What my future marriage will hopefully mean is not demeaned just because two gay men believe in the same ideals. That’s like saying cars will be ruined if gay people drive them. Is christian love so weak that gay love would destroy it? 

If marriage is indeed (as the church says) Ordained By God, then it is in breach of the First Amendment (For shame, a bloody limey knows that much!) and thus all the christians have done is make government support for straight marriage illegal.

But I hereby declare Gary Cass to be nothing more than an oxygen thief. The greatest threat to love and to marriage is not gay people, but it is this berk. 

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