The Silent Atheist

Deepak Chopra Speaks on Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens may not be able to defend himself but the argument is simple…

By discounting the whole notion of spiritual awakening, atheists make a claim to false knowledge. They haven’t walked the walk, yet somehow they know, with dead certainty, that Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Confucius, Zoroaster, Saint Paul, Rumi, Kabir, the Prophet Muhammad, Rabindranath Tagore, and countless others aren’t just wrong; they are stupid and blinkered compared to any everyday atheist today. I have my doubts. The atheists I’ve met went through a period of personal disillusion with religion, and on that basis alone they became atheists. Could anything be more subjective for a crowd that decries subjectivity? Could anything be more idiosyncratic for a group that claims to represent universal reason?

The whole notion of spiritual awakening is merely a point where we subscribe to a theological philosophy. Basically you find god and surrender control of your life. It is the equivalent of shoving all your mess under the rug or into a closet to provide the illusion of having solved your problem. And yes we are wiser than those people. The average child possesses knowledge that would make Buddha envious. I can do things that would make the mythical representation of Jesus fall to his knees in awe. Most of the people on that list also said some really REALLY stupid things that we don’t believe in. 

The very premise of religion is the assumption of a magical entity. Any philosophy that begins with “assume magic can exist” is one to not take seriously. The list of people? Many may be wise, but most are foolish by our standards. One does not have to experience bullshit to understand how bullshit it is. 

All religion is based of a faulty premise. If the foundation of your belief is faulty then it doesn’t matter how wise you are. You are still wrong. 

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