How not to fight Evolution

Why doesn’t the scientific community abandon Darwin’s failed hypotheses? Simple: The Jewish-dominated media and educational establishment are determined that, like unconditional support of Israel, Holocaust mythology, hate laws, and “civil rights” favoritism, there will be no end to the relentless force-feeding of evolution. Belief in evolution is a prerequisite for Jewish supremacism’s new-world order.

Is this real?

I think it is. Apparently Evolution is a product of Zionism… I don’t really have anything else to say since they do a pretty good job of kneecapping their own arguments.

I leave you with this…

Evolutionary theory undergirded the “might is right” philosophy of Germany decades before World War I. German “higher criticism” of the Bible washed away belief in the credibility of the Scriptures, particularly the Old Testament. Germans largely followed the same evolutionary/racist ethics that are prominent today in the racialist right. Combined with virulent criticism of Jews, denying them their biblical role in God’s plan of the ages, evolution set the stage for demonization and violence against the Jewish people.  Thus, evolution, stimulating racist premises of Aryan superiority, played a foundational role in energizing the Third Reich in its provocation of a second world war.

So zionism caused Hitler? I don’t know if this is Godwin’s Law or just ordinary fail. But I believe this level of stupid is contagious. I probably have lost a few thousand brain cells committing apoptosis listening from the stupidity. 

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