It Get’s Better – Sipping on the Haterade

If marriage is such a fragile jewel of art that even the slightest of additions can cause it to crumble then perhaps we are doing marriage wrong. I cannot see how homosexual marriage actually affects the lifestyles of the straight married people. I must be getting insufficient amounts of Haterade in my diet. 

Delicious and Balanced with Hate Ions.
So in response to Gay Rallies? We have Rallies to defend “Traditional Marriage” and “Family Values” despite the irony that traditionally marriages were arranged by parents and that families were extended or joint families with many members of one family living in the same household. The nuclear family (by name alone!) is a recent social trend. 
We don’t realise it but this battle has been fought throughout history as people gain rights. And there have always been people who have stood in the way of rights. Things we regard as normal today were fought with the same fervour as the gay marraige debate with the same arguments being made. 
Women’s Votes
And the arguments against.
And in the the 1960s? People fought against the rights of black people.
And the argument against (Blacks, Taste, Fashion – You name it the KKK hate on it!) 
It is quite scary to note that religion excused all these hateful actions and actively was used to encourage bigotry. We just need to remember, that the people against gay marriage will one day be regarded as the hateful bigots even if they are respected pillars of the community today. 
It Gets Better.

(pictures are from Joe My God – The entire collection can be seen on his Picasa page.)

Monogamy is also against the word of God. Also the great american pastime of bacon. 

If it is a godly institution it cannot be protected by the US Constitution as it voids the First Amendment.
Nor can it receive the benefits that it obtains from the government.

Yes. We should also re-enslave the black people as owning slaves and indebtured labourers was part of what the USA was all about.
And In case a man should sell his daughter as a slave girl, She will not go out in the way that slave men go out;
If she is displeasing in the eyes of her master so that he does not designate her a concubine but causes her to be redeemed; (Exodus 21:7 – 8)


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    In the USA, if there is ANY religion that doesn't define marriage as between a MAN and a WOMAN, then it should be easy to show that DOMA is unconstitutional. As far as I am aware, there are some more "hippy" (for lack of a better term) religions that define it as the merging of two souls. Of course, that won't get through to the conservatives…

    I am still amazed that women and African-Americans are so strongly tied to christianity and the like. Is there some sort of Stockholm Syndrome going on there?

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