Abstinence and Pro-life raises it’s ugly head

Nadine Dorries MP has recently attempted to sneak abstinence only education into the UK via the back door. Last wednesday she put forward a 10 minute bill to teach 13 to 15 year old girls (and girls only!) the value of abstinence. The bill is meant to provide “additional sex education [that] must include information and advice on the benefits of abstinence from sexual activity”. It was passed narrowly, with 67 votes to 61. It is unlikely to become legislation but it is still indicative of the rising pro abstinence movement in the UK. 

Last time I went to a sex education class (a long while ago) I am sure I was told about abstinence too. I was taught to say no if I was not interested in sex and didn’t want to have it. Waiting for the right time was an important part of the education along with the physics and biology of the act. 

Dorries’s Bill is not meant to encourage sex education. It regards Sex Ed classes as a depraved exercise where we encourage seven year olds to put condoms on bananas and watch explicit sex videos while encouraging them to masturbate. (None of this occurs in reality)

The issue isn’t that kids need good sex education (ironically the government cancelled plans to make it compulsary) but that they need good religious education. This entire bill is tinged with american style abstinence education. 

The really silly part of this bill is that it plays into the stereotype of “Vulnerable women who must be told to say no to those incorrigible boys and that without this education young women would jump into bed with any boy who so much as bought her a happy meal!”

This fits in with her world view, after all she is a champion of another bill with the Right to Know act where she wants abortion providers to provide an independent body for counselling women pre-abortion because we don’t offer the alternative choices. 

This is at heart a pro life plan since “alternatives” are always bandied around as if they were easy choices to make compared to this. 

People are sneaking abstinence and pro life legislation under florid words and the guise of choice. The only choice this is encouraging is the deregulation of information given to women in order to encourage her world view. No matter how incorrect it is. 


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    Oh, but abstinence only has shown so well to work! Just ask Bristol Palin (or look at the statistics for Mississippi where teen pregnancy skyrocketed with abstinence only education).

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    Abstinence only education is like telling soldiers to duck rather than giving them body armour. Useful in theory, idiotic in practice.

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