Monthly Archive: April 2011

Apr 30 2011

Papal Morality

Mugabe in Rome for Beatification of Pope John Paul II As Amnesty International state, the man is quite the tin pot dictator. He has jailed and tortured various leaders of the opposition. He has mishandled his nation’s economy. He has encouraged a mob mentality in his followers towards political opposition. He has scapegoated white land owners for …

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Apr 29 2011

Stuck in a Kafkaesque Nightmare

No posts this week courtesy of paperwork that has taken up all my time and rage. I am stuck in a kafkaesque nightmare of bureaucracy and am slowly working my way out. Expect something over the weekend.

Apr 24 2011

Anthony Stephano is Wrong!

Hint… You are wrong Easter Lesson For Atheists In a stunning move the christian’s have begun the annual battle for Christmas with a sneak attack in April. This Easter it seems that atheists have a lot to rejoice about. According to the latest poll released by the U.S. Census Bureau in its American Religious Identification …

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Apr 23 2011

Rise of the Neo Luddite – The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

 We have failed in the education of my generation. We are failing in the education of the next generation. Our parents have an excuse. They grew up in a period where science was by rote, where it was treated as canon and religion. The bible of education, questioning was not encouraged as much as rote …

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Apr 21 2011

A Strange Fascination

India has a strange fascination with all things written. From projects to lab reports all must be handwritten. This is a tad bizzare for me. Surely we live in an age of technology where printing is cheap. I feel that I waste hours of my life writing something that can be hammered out on a …

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Apr 14 2011

Rights of the Silent Majority – The Peacock and the Strawman

 On an evening last year in February, Neetu Solanki was travelling home in a conservative west Delhi neighbourhood via auto-rickshaw (a three wheeled equivalent of a taxi in India) when she was harassed by some young men. Her response was to stop the rickshaw and grabbed one of the young men’s collars in order to …

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Apr 12 2011

Are we not the strongest link?

How to target students. Here’s what gets me. I would think that students were the strongest link in the organisation. It’s easy to target some old “scientist” in his “lair” making “huge money” but when you target some kid working on his degree, well you kind of are treading a thin moral line. Continuing on …

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Apr 08 2011

A Taste of Things to Come – The Rise of the Back-Street Abortionist

“The assault on Planned Parenthood is unjustified. It is penny-wise and pound foolish. The law strictly and clearly prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion services. The Republicans’ elimination of funding for Planned Parenthood, will in the end cost more than it saves by ending the ability of millions of American women to receive …

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Apr 05 2011

A letter to Men’s Rights Activists

I choose to respond to some points raised by Namakae in the Medicinae et Chirurgiae thread here. 1. The Stern Review you have quoted actually calls for an expansion in rape services because only 1/10 cases are being reported (a lot lower than my figure.) and even though only 1/10 are fake reports they are usually found …

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Apr 03 2011


Well Done! Special Congratulations to the Indian Cricket Team for winning the world cup and thrilling me with an awesome match.