A Strange Fascination

India has a strange fascination with all things written. From projects to lab reports all must be handwritten.

This is a tad bizzare for me. Surely we live in an age of technology where printing is cheap. I feel that I waste hours of my life writing something that can be hammered out on a laptop in an hour.

Another fascination is cursive handwriting. All the kids in schools are educated in this with the assumption that it makes your handwriting legible. I beg to differ, a lot of people I study with show up with handwriting that looks like (and I mean this in the kindest way possible) it was written by a dog. And these are the people who write your prescriptions.

People argue about how it is a way to not be too reliant on computers. One may as well argue about equipping students with harpoons for Mammoth Hunting. 

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