A letter to Men’s Rights Activists

I choose to respond to some points raised by Namakae in the Medicinae et Chirurgiae thread here.

1. The Stern Review you have quoted actually calls for an expansion in rape services because only 1/10 cases are being reported (a lot lower than my figure.) and even though only 1/10 are fake reports they are usually found out pretty quick. It also points out that women who are drunk or are “promiscuous” don’t get justice because juries and judges assume that they were “asking for it”.

2. The Rape statistics quoted indicate rapes positively identified as forcible sex or coerced sex.

3. I didn’t bother looking up the Stern Review, I just quoted from medical jurisprudence. Mine may be out of date. But the Stern Review is actually “pro me” and “anti you” because it makes my stats better by pointing out how few women actually report rape.

4. Or women aren’t reporting rapes as much because they are traumatised. Seriously, I have worked with PTSD suffering women and rape is the usual cause. It’s not a joke.

5. How come none of the stats you provide are from mainstream sources.

“Feminists downplay the violence against men, chivalrous men say they won’t hit a woman because the difference between the genders is too great. Why not tell women to respect men in the first place so that they don’t end up in the hospital when men retaliate? If feminists had any amount of self-deceny and consistency they would have labelled the kicks in groins that men are subjected to on TV, as sexual assaults. “

6. This would only work if women received the same respect and the rate of assualt of men vs. women is incredibly skewed towards women being the losing side. And they respect me, they don’t respect the MRM because you don’t deserve it. You don’t respect women. The entire concept of “game” is treating women as cattle.

7. You aren’t chivalrous. It’s not needed, what you need is respect. Why do I hold a door open for a woman? Because it’s cute. Not because she is incapable of doing so. Why do I get a woman flowers? Because I have a garden and I tend to have pretty flowers in it that women like. Chocolates? You are confusing chivalry with “acting like women are incapable of doing things”. Modern chivalry is just “being genuinely nice” and not acting like a person who thinks women are just vaginas with a puzzle lock.

and so they so they infiltrate men’s institutions and say “make place for us”. Once they have made it “equal” so that men finally become the second sex in it, they declare victory!!

8. No they don’t. They just wish to be treated the same as people with penises and testicles. The only provision for women I have seen in my line of education is different changing rooms. And in surgical wards they change in the same rooms and don’t give a crap. That’s a stupid plan.

They won against patriarchy? Hell no; they basically threw a tantrum against their own fathers, brothers and sons, and got away with it because men are more fair-minded than women ever will be, and their love for women is something that women can’t ever reciprocate.

9. Actually we gave them rights in the west because they had more rights in the Soviet Union upto and including actual frontline soldiers. Forcing our women back into their houses was going to be detrimental to “the next war” because our “enemy” simply could crush us by weight of economy driven by a double sized work force. Women formed a sizeable labour force that if annoyed sufficiently would not work and who were becoming more educated and more understanding of the inherent unfairness of a system where they weren’t allowed to vote and to hold jobs that earned the same wage. We did it out of necessity, they did it out of the fact they want to be equal. In the USA they were given the vote to distance their movement from the black civil rights movement but that didn’t work out so well. Women’s lib were big advocates of black rights.

10. Yes. We are so fair minded that in most of the world women are still regarded as second class citizens and treated like property.

11. The worst whips are the whips in the mind. Women often are the biggest oppressors of women because women assume they have it good. Some women are happy to be housewives. Just like how some men are happy to never read a book or improve themselves.

There is no serious bullshit. Your movement stems from one simple fact. That “I am a man!” doesn’t cut it anymore. Women want more, I have zero issues with the other gender. I don’t have this problem where women play mind games or do any of the things that your movement claims. Game attracts a certain kind of person, the women with low self esteem and the women who are attracted to complete jerks. Whatever floats their boat. The vast majority of women however like people like myself.

I know what it’s like. I was the ugly kid. I didn’t get any dates growing up and still run across the occasional person who judges me by my looks. I am still considered ugly since I went bald aged 20 and am forced to shave my head short or look like I suffer from mange. I am chubby and not particularly tall. My only saving graces are my lovely eyes and a sense of humour. I thought like you did growing up. That women are crazy and don’t know what they want. What they want is genuinely nice men not the “nice guy” or the “complete douchebag” demography that the MRM entails.

Men aren’t fair minded. I have seen women burnt by greedy men. I have seen women with no noses and no ears. I have seen women die because their worth is only as a slave with a dowry. Not all men are arseholes like the Men’s Right Movement and we are sick of you ruining our good names. Your movement speaks of us as some sort of inferior breed primarily because you cannot deal with us. We make up the new middle class of intelligent, well off, well educated and multi-talented men who don’t look at women as personal housekeepers and instead want someone who can hold a conversation about a variety of topics and who is a complete human being.

These women scare you because they are “feminists” since they are independent, smart and don’t fall for your nonsense. The fact that their number is growing and indeed that your normal demographic of “whipped” women are listening to these women and that these women are the role models for a growing population of women is a genuine fear for your movement. 


  1. Men's Rights Movement says

    Have you ever worked with men falsely accused of rape? Estimate says 5,30,000 false accusations every year in USA alone. Have you worked with men committing suicide- men are 500% more likely to be committing suicide than woman. Have you worked with men abused in domestic violence and then thrown out of the house based on woman's statement? I dont think you have worked with any of them…. there is no money in working with them.

  2. says

    Have you? Because a lot of men accused of rape don't see rape in the same way as women and the actual conviction rate for rape is rather low owing to a problem in rape reporting. See, in order to convict someone of rape we need proof. No man has ever been jailed on hearsay alone. Evidence is required. More often than not this means that the person who was raped (be they male or female and yes… man on man rape has been seen) has to be subject to some frankly invasive forensic procedures as quickly as possible. Most people after being raped simply don't want to talk about it. Each day reduces the chance of successful prosecution. And we can tell if sex was voluntary or not to some extent. A lot of rapists walk away simply because the woman was unwilling to come forth as quickly as they should have. I know this sounds harsh on the victim but at the moment? This is the only way we can catch rapists. It's the concrete proof of the act and the DNA evidence. Let's just say that rapists leave a tonne of evidence of their activity, but the evidence needs to be collected rather quickly.

    In addition I am aware of the fact that 1/10 men is or has been subject to sexual abuse while the equivalent figure in women is 1/3. In fact marital rape of women is so common in some parts of the world it's considered "normal".

    Men are more likely to commit suicide than women since that is a societal pressure borne out of the idea that men are providers. Unfortunately this ideology is mainly held in position by other men. What have MRAs done to improve the condition of men? I do not see any of your group campaign for the mental health of men. In fact, if one carefully reads such fine pieces of literature such as The Spearhead or things by your average MRM, you look at these individuals as either victims of feminism or some sort of inferior specimen of man.

    The amount of money we get paid for dealing with people who are abused is the same irrespective of gender. Most of us work for free though so the amount of money involved is irrelevant.

  3. Eric says

    The atheist movement does not need any more vapid, substance-less tirades from Marxist feminists. It is clear you aren't even actually engaging the MRM here. So typical of feminists to ride around victoriously displaying the heads of strawmen. Comparing being a housewife to being uneducated is the height of arrogance and ignorance, just to point out a single jaw-droppingly asinine assertions of your 'article'.

  4. says

    Actually the atheist movement needs more and more of it to get young women to join the movement and also make a stand. Because so far it's mainly men and it shows because there are a fair amount of sexists in the atheist movement.

    I am not a feminist and I am really not a marxist.

    And what's to engage with MRMs? It's a movement born out of sexism with a tinge of desperation that creates feminist conspiracy theories and bogeymen (or should that be bogeywomen?) and treats women to some quite horrific language and ideas.

    I am quite happy to display the heads of MRAs on here. I have seen incredibly sexist MRAs, Rape Apologists, Slut Shaming, Plain Arseholes and the usual conspiracy theory nutjobs that make up your movement. I have even had the joy of meeting a racist MRA who told me that I am ruining the UK and that if he saw me he would kick my arse back to Pakistan and that somehow the UK was being destroyed becuase brown people exist in it.

    Really? And you think that movement which allows such voices to exist is somehow a movement built on sane principles?

    MRMs and MRAs are a caricature. I don't see MRMs doing anything for "men" so much as attempting to restore the status quo of male dominance rather than an equal society.

  5. njuhgnya says

    The things mens’ rights “activists” have ever done is harass women to try and even things out. They are literally incapable of doing a single useful thing, except perhaps by accident. There’s no point in communicating with violent, overly emotional “people” who spread hate and violence around as if they are literally being oppressed by women on a daily basis. Masculinist Abolition has almost nothing to do with the “MRA hate movement”

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