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Mar 31 2011

Animal Liberation – The forgotten war between science and ignorance

Crazy Death Threats against studentsThe animal liberation movement ranges across the spectrum of common sense from scientists to laughable ideas of ecology such as the people who outright ban certain kinds of hunting solely because the animal is cute rather than the actual effect of said animal on the environment to the utterly deadly.For most …

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Mar 24 2011

The Silent Majority: A few good men

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes The university of Montana ran an event called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. An admirable event if only for the fact that men paid $5 to walk a mile in heels, which I understand is a killer process which I can tell you from research done aged 8 …

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Mar 23 2011

There is no spoon. And there is no radiation.

Agnihotra: The solution to prevent effect of nuclear radiation ! – Hinduism | hindujagruti.org It is serious, it is not a joke. This is seriously a prayer that produces a shield from radiation from nuclear weapons.

Mar 22 2011

Descending into the gutter – To punch William Donahue’s arguments in the mouth

Bill’s recently been on the counter offensive regarding the catholic sexual abuse scandal due to further evidence coming out of the Philadelphia archdiocese and possibly because he lacks a moral compass having been told that the Church is the only moral body in the universe and that anything contrary to that line therefore is immoral. …

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Mar 20 2011

A lack of charity

North Dakota Bishops Issue Charity Guidelines Ah Catholicism, a religion that takes Paula Abdul’s music to heart. (It takes two steps forward, then two steps back…) Two bishops in North Dakota show us the meaning of their warped version of charity by producing a guideline which catholics should follow while donating to various causes. The …

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Mar 19 2011

NHS Chief: Babies born before 23 weeks should be left to die

What a callous bastard right? He probably inspects babies before casting them off in the forest. After if it was good enough for the Spartans then it is good enough for Chorley.  The basis for this story? Why the good people at http://www.christian.org.uk/news/mums-grief-medics-left-22-week-pre-term-baby-to-die/ “A 22-week-old pre-term baby fought for life for 46 minutes but died …

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Mar 14 2011

You’ve Got to Pick A Pocket or Two!

You know what’s communist? Child Labour Laws! It’s true, one of the Planks of Marxism (Marx Plank not Max Planck!) is that child labour is evil. Why do you want to hire children to do a job? Isn’t the sweat of illegal immigrants enough? 

Mar 13 2011

Rights of the Silent majority – Danielle Deaver

All across the world we as human beings are fighting for the rights of the “silent majority”. Women tend to outnumber us men, and rather than make grandiose comments about how useful/useless the other gender is, I would rather there be a world where there is no discrimination on gender at all. Afghani women are …

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Mar 10 2011

New Management

A worrying trend It worries me about the state of the healthcare system back home. An increase in private sector control on what should be public spending is distressing. The american healthcare system is not one that I am a fan of due to it leaving out key people from it’s demography and it’s emphasis …

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Mar 09 2011

Newsflash! Doctors make you sicker! Whales are not endangered! Sarah Palin to join Voltron! Obama to replace army with Power Rangers!

http://www.naturalnews.com/031627_sickness_health_care.html Ah! Hesh Goldstein. Purveyor of nonsense and woo extraordinaire and a prime example of an individual speaking as a mother. Mike Adams is a big fan naturally, hence we have to put up with this Opinion Piece called “The Plot to keep you Sick”. If we really wanted to keep you sick, we would …

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