In recent days we have seen a drive in the US to repeal a vast amount of women’s rights. Both the Republican party and their more right wing counterparts are notoriously anti abortion, which is a touchy subject at the best of times. We have seen vast amounts of legislature in place this year aimed at the removal of women’s rights.

It is a movement filled with people who seem to love the phrase “speaking as a mother”. This phrase seems to be pervasive in American society. That somehow the ability to produce an offspring entitles you opinion to be more valid than someone else’s. Speaking as a mother has been used to provide opinions from people on everything from the economy to the various wars the US has gotten a lot of us embroiled in.

It is here that the religious right gain their support for such anti female bills. The right to one’s own body is sacrosanct. We repeatedly drill it into people that you can do what you want with your body as long as it causes no harm to others and we judge you of sound mind. I know a lot of feminists will disagree with me, but I am of the opinion that while men have kept women down, the biggest hurdle to women gaining equality has often been other women.

It comes from one of the strangest observations. In India there is a big issue with dowry related crimes. Women would be sent back to their parent’s house disfigured or threatened to bring a dowry back or face abuse. Women have been tortured, driven to suicide and even murdered for dowries. The ultimate joke is this. The laws exist to punish the people and almost every single time it is women perpetrating the crime on other women. The biggest culprits are the older generation of women. The evil mother-in-law is a trope here that mirrors real life similar to the wicked step mother trope.

I write in regards to the recent idea of the heart beat bill which seeks to prevent women from seeking abortions at 6 weeks of pregnancy, making abortions all but impossible to administer.
It is a farce, and an abuse of ultrasound. Just because something has a heart does not mean it is alive. By that logic if your heart stops beating then you are dead, not a candidate for a heart lung machine. The foetal heart has a long way to go from the twitching mass at 6 weeks to being the ultimate pumping solution. I fear these kinds of stunts make people think of the foetus as a completely developed human being rather than a block of cells that requires development well into the 28th week of life before it can be even classed as a human being.

Do you want to know how to reduce abortions ladies and gentlemen of the American right? It’s simple and costs next to nothing? Teach your children safe sex at schools. Do not pull out the nonsense of abstinence only education. That kind of education is like telling soldiers to dodge rather than giving them bullet proof vests when they go to war. I guarantee you the number of abortions will go down rather than up.

Until then, this is a basic right of any woman to her body and all you are encouraging is coat hanger sales if this bill passes.  

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