A Million Gods

Its odd being a Hindu Atheist. In the sense that you have to not believe in a lot more gods.

“Do you believe in Shiva?”
“What about Ganesh?”
“Not even Krishna? A young man like yourself?”
“No! Really!”

Hinduism is a weird weird beast to not believe in. At times the righteous anger of disbelief at insane tradition raises its  head. At other times you are puzzled at the progressive humanity of it. Don’t get me wrong, its mental as hell but oddly accepting.

There is a dearth of understanding of a lot of the viewpoints from India. I understand that I am not and Indian despite looking a lot like one (I am a brit if you must know. That’s right, I drink and eat tea. I spell colour like this. I like bangers and mash as much as I love a good curry.)

I am on clinical rotations in India, hence the name. I see some of the best of humanity and some of the worst while learning in India. And I figured it would be good for a laugh to share it with the web (all 5 of you who will read my ramblings!) Some of it is good, some of it is bad. All of it is insane.

In any case, hope you enjoy them and follow me while I blunder through becoming a sane, well qualified and above all legal medical practitioner!


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