Roofied at Maryland Ren Fair

Lady Orla Rose has a request for you.

This Lady Orla Rose

Maryland Renaissance Festival goers (this is important), I was roofied on Saturday afternoon and completely blacked out.

If any of you find or took photos of me on this past Saturday October 18th at the Dragon Inn, please POST THE PHOTOS and/or tag me!! It may be a lost cause, but the more photos we have of the people around me, the more possibility we can identify the culprit. I don’t want this to happen to someone else! I know several people took my photo before I blacked out, so if we can find those pictures it may be helpful. I was wearing this outfit at the time.

Any readers who can help out and who know anyone there give her a shout.


Social Justice Warrior – I don’t think it is an insult

It’s become par for the course to utilise the term “Social Justice Warrior” in a negative light.

Practically anything can be used to justify the use of this moniker. And it is a rather ridiculous insult I find.

I don’t know who Michael Luciano is but I have had the pleasure of disagreeing with him in the past.

And imagine my surprise when in response to “THIS” piece I was called a social justice warrior. I mean it’s only the juxtaposition of MRA and Gamergate supporters calling me a nigger and a fag/got. Now you are right, they are within their rights to call me nigger and fag/got.

As am I within my rights to expose the abuse and let people realise that these people are at BEST trolls. Trolls who are willing to sink to racism and homophobia and sexism. Remember all those #notyourshield people? Well? These people don’t give a flying fuck about them. Oh and I get it. There are people on both sides who are quite stupid. It’s not just the guy who claimed to have a 99th percentile IQ in language skills then promptly failed to recognise sarcasm then attempted to defend the statement of “you are a fag” as “you are a cigarette”. That’s someone’s mouth writing cheques their brain can’t cash. But on the other side? There are people who seriously suggest deporting white people out of Africa and justifying the actions of Robert Mugabe. And also justifying by extension the plans of people like the BNP and other far right parties that wish to deport and disenfranchise groups of people because of their ethnicity under the argument of “It’s different”. That is injustice too and it doesn’t improve anything. It just makes everyone miserable. The sins of the father should not be placed on their sons. And yes, white people in many parts of the world got a leg up due to colonialism. Taking away their stuff isn’t going to solve anything. It just makes you another tyrant and another dragon. And it is not social nor is it justice. It’s just revenge. And all it does is make us blind. What people of colour really want is progress. We want the SAME stuff. Not for others to have our existence. I don’t think anyone seriously wishes everyone else’s life was as bad as theirs rather than their life was as good as other people’s.  [Read more...]

A Voice for Me – AVfM’s Communication’s Officer Allows Racism and Homophobia

Let’s face it. Men have issues. The world is changing and while Feminism has been great at fighting for the rights of women, men have generally seen their rights eroded. Mostly this is to stop the unfair advantages men have and the erosion has generally been a loss of special privileges or women gaining the same. In effect our status on pedestals has been eroded.

But there are issues with being on the pedestal that we still have. A ripe place for men to campaign for issues that affect them such as mental health. There are men who are discriminated against heavily such as Black and Gay men. There is a role for a “Men’s Rights” movement.

But not The Men’s Rights Movement. That’s just a hate group that worries about men’s rights in the same way that modern racists hide their racism by worrying about “white rights”.

These are the uncensored tweets. If they no longer link, that is because they have been taken down by the man who said them. The following MAY contain images that are NSFW and catalogue the barrage of hate I have received this morning. I am sure they are trolls and I am told the best thing to do is to ignore them, but here is the thing? The reason they get away with this is the high level MRA being complicit in this. Janet may have fled the conversation when she realised her ally is “fucked up” but at no point did she do what I would do. At no point did she correct her ally’s bad behaviour and speak out for the men. Instead what occurs is the MRA attempt to defend the words used. So here’s the warning? NSFW – Racism/Horrible Pictures if you follow the instructions. I am putting this up here after 12 hours. Janet Bloomfield has had time to respond to the usage of slurs and harassment. She has refused to do so.  [Read more...]

Priorities Among Pro-Life

This is the rather charming press release from Children of God for Life.

A little back story, a short distance from my quiet little hospital lies an institution run by a charity I don’t quite like. Sure they do good work, but often they deny women the chance to decide what they should do with their own bodies. World Vision International lurk around my way. I see the t-shirts given out by them. And I am aware that the good they do comes with the ulterior motive of spreading Christian belief and while they explicitly do not flog Bible before Bread, they still have that undertone.

But contact with them puts me in touch with other pro-life organisations. Including Children of God for Life who today released a press statement.  [Read more...]


SO will these people be receiving a tonne of hate mail and death threats for pointing out how to do race in games?

This is a serious look among games developers into reaching new standards of quality about race. Oh and in response to Thunderfoot trying to distance games from being much more?

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thine own
Or of thine friend’s were.
Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

That’s like suggesting that Doctor Who should just be a kids show and keep away from poetry… When the Doctor convinces a little girl to not sacrifice herself to an awakening god, he quotes Lewis Carrol by listing the things that come from a unique explosion in a star (“shoes and ships and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings,”). There are little references to poems and little rhymes used to enhance the creepy factor and drama.

To say these things and this depth detracts from games means that we would ignore great games that have these things in exchange for Tetris and Asteroids.