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Apr 16 2014

Secular Anti-Abortion Link Roundup

If I missed anything that contributed to the discussion, please drop it in the comments.

Mar 14 2014

The Day I Decided to Have an Abortion

Possibly an easier decision than “chocolate or strawberry”.

Jul 28 2013

Very Different Objections to Talking Abortion Rights

When atheists on the left and the right object to the same event, you can really see the differences in styles.

Jun 04 2013

Federal Abortion Bill Advances

As you might imagine, I agree with the OPP on this.

Mar 15 2013

When You Take Women Out of the Abortion Debate

This is about real people who suffer real harm and real injuries when we muck this stuff up.

Nov 19 2012

“Hard” Questions on Abortion

Answering a few “hard questions” about abortion. Hint: Not really that hard.

Nov 02 2012

The Secular Morality of Abortion

Their doctrines tell you that these are life–and sacred–but that isn’t how the religious appeal to your moral sense.

Feb 20 2012

The Medical Facts Behind Pre-Abortion Ultrasound

Who knew that the Virginia legislature was packed full of doctors, specifically OB-GYNs? Oh, wait. They’re not.

Mar 22 2010

The Abortion Post

Last night, health care reform passed the House. I should have been happy. Not ecstatic–the plan doesn’t contain enough of what I wanted (strong public option) for that. But happy. This is progress. It has been a long time coming, and the forces arrayed against it, from vested interests to an administration unwilling to spend …

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Jul 01 2014

Between Now and November 4

Pissed off? Good. Now act on it.

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