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Jan 26 2012

Plots, Posses, and Feminist Terrorist Fist Bumps

Birthday Cupcakes

Putting the trolls and the sexists on warning–but not too much warning.

Jan 26 2012

More Politics at Science Online

More discussion of science and politics in the wake of Science Online 2012.

Jan 22 2012

You Got Your Politics in My Science

Video and notes on our session from Science Online 2012.

Jan 16 2012

Whose Side Are You On?

Those who don’t like what we have to say will likely find a way to attribute “impure” motives no matter what we do.

Jan 14 2012

Reporting Science: Accuracy, Partiality, and Advocacy

Good reporting is made more accurate by the inclusion of context. When part of the context is political, where is the dividing line between reporting and advocacy?

Jan 11 2012

The Advocacy of Scientists

How do, or should, scientists balance the political implications of their work with the need to maintain scientific integrity?