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Jan 22 2013

Drama Is Not Disagreement

Screen capture from the slime pit. Text quoted in the post.

Neither is giggling.

Jan 07 2013

What Melody Hensley Has to Teach You About Professionalism

Twitter "art" for Elevatorgate account.

“Professional victim” my ass. Melody is one of the people making these movements get things done.

Jan 01 2013

A Taste of 2012

How I spent 2012 in blog terms.

Sep 13 2012

Within the Movement (Updated)

But none of this nasty stuff happens “in the movement”, right?

Aug 30 2012

Women in Secularism 2 Registration Now Open

And just look at that list of speakers.

Jan 11 2012

Atheists Talk: Melody Hensley on the Women in Secularism Conference

Join us on Sunday as I interview Melody Hensley, Executive Director of CFI DC, about the Women in Secularism conference.