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Jul 09 2012

How to Argue

Don’t start the argument unless your opponent is dead wrong.

Jul 08 2012

The Gender Binary & LGBTI People – Myth and Medical Malpractice

The Freethought Festival talk by physiologist Veronica Drantz.

Jul 07 2012

Based on Judeo-Christian Values, Huh?

Andrew Seidel compares our laws and founding principles to theirs.

Jul 06 2012

Diversity in the Atheist Community

We should be uncomfortable that there is a large population of nonreligious people who don’t find our movement relevant to their lives.

Jul 05 2012

The Language We Use

Using someone else’s language to speak to them about our interests is often viewed as manipulative. Is it?

Jul 04 2012

Morality at the Beginning of Human Life

If we always stuck to well-known speakers, we’d never get to hear talks like these.

Jul 03 2012

Raising Critical Thinkers

This is a must-see for anyone who has a chance to influence kids.