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Mar 01 2014

Saturday Storytime: The Sounds of Old Earth

“These kids are as high as orbitals, but it’s not as if I have much left to lose.”

Feb 22 2014

Saturday Storytime: Home by the Sea

“Is it a lady, Mommy?”

Feb 15 2014

Saturday Storytime: Fire Above, Fire Below

‘“What’s the Oldgate fire got to do with a pigeon house?” asked the mayor suspiciously.’

Feb 08 2014

Saturday Storytime: A Hollow Play

She accepted a glass of water and took small, careful sips. “Lynette has bird feet.”

Jan 25 2014

Saturday Storytime: The Innocence of a Place

“Sometimes the others run to catch her; sometimes they hold on to the doorframe as if it were an anchor, and it must be Mr. Wilbraham or Miss Farles who runs after.”

Jan 11 2014

Saturday Storytime: Jackalope Wives

“There’s always one who learned how to brood early and often, and always girls who think they can heal him.”

Jan 04 2014

Saturday Storytime: Significant Figures

“In short, Stephen Charlemagne Robins was the rarest sort of person in the universe: a combat mathematician.”

Dec 28 2013

Saturday Storytime: Boat in Shadows, Crossing

“And her parents thought, and conferred, and spoke to their cousins and their neighbors, who all agreed: a girl with such a talent could marry well.”

Dec 21 2013

Saturday Storytime: The Ghosts of Christmas

“And then a terrible thought came to me. Or crystallised in me. Formed out of all the things I was. Was already written in me.”

Dec 14 2013

Saturday Storytime: Blood Makes Noise

And as though he’s read my mind—

—which may, I suspect, no longer be quite as hard to do as it once was—”

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