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Jul 26 2014

Saturday Storytime: Witch, Beast, Saint: an Erotic Fairy Tale

“It looks much like a kiss. All very standard, unless you slip in some tongue.”

Jul 19 2014

Saturday Storytime: Chopin’s Eyes

“George pulls his mouth to hers and kisses him, seeking mysteries in the darkness of his mouth. She does not find them.”

Jul 12 2014

Saturday Storytime: Blessed Are the Hungry

“Despite what old people tell you, in the vacuum of space your blood won’t boil.”

Jul 05 2014

Saturday Storytime: Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome

“From a virus’ point of view, you couldn’t have asked for a more optimal transmission pattern.”

Jun 28 2014

Saturday Storytime: Toad Words

“‘Mind you, some curses just grind you down and leave you broken. Some blessings do that too, though.’”

Jun 21 2014

Saturday Storytime: The Case of the Passionless Bees

“I only know it left Gearlock Holmes, in spite of his blank metal face and shiny limbs, closer to a fleshly man than any amalgamated I had ever met.”

Jun 14 2014

Saturday Storytime: A Word Shaped Like Bones

“She thinks the dead man in the corner might be a critic.”

Jun 07 2014

Saturday Storytime: Going After Bobo

“Which was great, except that down here in Reno it had been snowing for hours, and according to the GPS, I was going to have to climb 3,200 feet to reach Bobo.”

May 31 2014

Saturday Storytime: If God Is Watching

“I killed a man when I was 13. Not on pur­pose or noth­ing. But he still died.”

May 24 2014

Saturday Storytime: Falling Leaves

“Nessa scratched her scars for a while and felt like puking, but she didn’t think that would help either.”

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