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Jun 13 2013

Republican Legislator Demonstrates “Men’s Brains” Bad at Science and Math

If this is what men’s brains are supposed to be like, you can keep them.

Jun 10 2013

The Good Thing About Star Trek: Into Darkness

No. It isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch.

Jun 03 2013

Mock the Movie: Sociopath Edition

Here it comes. Finally.

May 20 2013

Mock the Movie: Xtreme Xercise Edition

There will be Tae Bo jokes.

May 07 2013

So You Don’t Have To

I can’t tell you how much we were looking forward to this.

May 06 2013

Mock the Movie: Hacksploitation Edition

Everything is better–or at least fundable–if you put it in virtual reality.

Apr 22 2013

Mock the Movie: Video Game Edition

Dark poster with a vaguely Matrix-like background, featuring the heads of Nastassja Kinski and Nicolette Sheridan. Tag lines: "Two women alone in the frightening world of the internet" and "In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream".

Because sometimes good actors do very bad movies.

Apr 08 2013

Mock the Movie: Friday Edition

Moving the date for this week’s showing. In return, we offer something that isn’t total crap.

Mar 29 2013

How to Apologize

Well, it’s how you do it when you don’t mean a word of it, anyway.

Mar 25 2013

Mock the Movie: Dinosaur Soldier Edition

Because it isn’t enough to rip off a major science fiction film. It needs weaponized dinosaur super-fighters, or something.

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