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Jul 29 2013

Mock the Movie: Explosive Decompression Edition

Is 23 years too soon for spoilers?

Jul 15 2013

Mock the Movie: Pommeled Edition

It took some work to convince us that this movie wasn’t a self-parody.

Jul 08 2013

Mock the Movie: Spaghetti Space Opera Edition

Because who wouldn’t want to watch a cheap Star Wars ripoff?

Jul 01 2013

Mock the Movie: Delay

Um, oops.

Jun 17 2013

Mock the Movie: Wingnut Edition

From libertarian douchebags to Chuck Norris. What a stretch.

Jun 13 2013

Republican Legislator Demonstrates “Men’s Brains” Bad at Science and Math

If this is what men’s brains are supposed to be like, you can keep them.

Jun 10 2013

The Good Thing About Star Trek: Into Darkness

No. It isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch.

Jun 03 2013

Mock the Movie: Sociopath Edition

Here it comes. Finally.

May 20 2013

Mock the Movie: Xtreme Xercise Edition

There will be Tae Bo jokes.

May 07 2013

So You Don’t Have To

I can’t tell you how much we were looking forward to this.

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