Mock the Movie: Lose It in Translation Edition

If you were the ghost of a mummy, reawakened by a CAT scan and bearing the name of a demon, what would you do? Burgle the Louvre, of course, but only after possessing Sophie Marceau.

Look, I’m sure Belphégor – Le fantôme du Louvre made more sense in French–in the Sixties, when it was a cult TV hit show and everyone did more drugs. Well, maybe I’m not sure, but I am hopeful. Either way, we’re going to mock it this Wednesday.

This one is available on Netflix and Amazon. [Read more…]

Let’s Call It a Hitler

So by now you’ve probably seen that Ricky Gervais is once again desperately clinging to a word that he desperately needs to…well, for some reason anyway, I’m sure. I first saw it on Facebook:

If you grabbed Hitler and shouted “stop killing innocent people you cunt”, someone on Facebook would call you out on your sexist language.

As I pointed out there, if you grabbed Hitler and shouted at him, people would rightly point out that he’s dead and hasn’t been killing people for nearly 70 years, which just raises the next question: What are you really doing that’s so vitally important you can’t spare a moment to deal with sexism?

When Ophelia posted more of Gervais’s “defense”, such as it is, it struck me how hard he was working to defend something that’s fundamentally useless. It just doesn’t work as a serious epithet, unless your entire point is the misogyny. It’s even more useless for a comedian. [Read more…]