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Dec 30 2013

Mock the Movie: Slimy New Year Edition

No, you’re not still drunk from your celebrations the night before (I hope).

Dec 02 2013

The Return of Mock the Movie

We are indestructible!

Nov 04 2013

Mock the Movie: Subliminal Edition

Now with “Mind-Altering Psycho-Rama”!!!

Oct 22 2013

Mock the Movie: Atheist Exorcist Edition

Turning to that extra-special genre: atheist recruited to fight Satan.

Oct 07 2013

Mock the Movie: Neon Ninjas Edition

A martial arts rock band and motorcycle-riding ninja drug dealers. Who needs a script?

Sep 23 2013

Mock the Movie: Junior High Edition

Time once again to decide which of the annoying people on screen should die first.

Sep 18 2013

The Good Young Man

“As applied to the immature male of our kind, the adjective “good” seems to have been perverted from its original and ordinary signification….”

Sep 09 2013

Mock the Movie: Horror Cliché Edition

A will in the wilderness, a creepy castle, and haunted toys. But does it have a plot?

Aug 26 2013

Mock the Movie: Hostile Takeover Edition

Taste the paranoia.

Aug 05 2013

Mock the Movie: Shark Week Edition

It stars Thomas Jane and is about super-smart sharks. How bad can it be?

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