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Jul 07 2014

Mock the Movie: What in the Sam Hell Edition

When bad actors happen to bad movies.

Jun 30 2014

Mock the Movie Postponed

Due to the holiday weekend and the timing of SkepchickCon, Mock the Movie is postponed until the second Wednesday this month.

Jun 02 2014

Mock the Movie: Lose It in Translation Edition

If you were the ghost of a mummy, reawakened by a CAT scan and bearing the name of a demon, what would you do?

May 11 2014

Let’s Call It a Hitler

When a comedian goes to bat for being utterly unfunny.

May 05 2014

Mock the Movie: Space Vampire Edition

“This is, by far, the single biggest waste of hours you could otherwise spend contemplating the importance of dish towels and their effect on your life.”

Apr 01 2014

Rebecca Watson Interview at Skeptech

Hey, have I told you I’m going to be doing a thing at Skeptech?

Mar 31 2014

Mock the Movie: Space Cowboy Edition

When I think of directors who’ve done great Akira Kurosawa adaptations, I always think of Roger Corman.

Mar 17 2014

The Price of Constant Debate

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, it is highly recommended that you log off the internet immediately.

Mar 03 2014

Mock the Movie: Antimatter Marionette Edition

I’ll just be over here in the corner until the stun wears off.

Feb 04 2014

Mock the Movie: Double Deuce Edition

Patrick Swayze–in mom jeans. Yeah, it’s Road House.

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