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Nov 17 2012

Whatever Google Image Search You Did

Just over a dozen pictures, none of them of remotely revealing costumes.


Nov 11 2012

The Ethical Use of Irrationality

I’m incredibly glad that Skepticon put together the space for workshops like these.

Nov 06 2012

The Origin of the Magic Wand

Basic black wand with white tips for stage magic.

It was funny to watch how easily even a table full of skeptics fell into storytelling in an absence of information.

Oct 31 2012

Doing Social Science Skepticism Right

Encouraging skepticism about social science is very hard to do well. CSICon managed it.

Oct 17 2012

Another Way to Blame Women for Being Paid Less

A policy that creates gender disparities in pay that isn’t based on job performance is a big flag that says, “Sue me, ladies!”

Oct 16 2012

About That Evo Psych Polygamy Stuff

Ah, parental investment. So convenient for humans that it ends with weaning.

Sep 27 2012

An Elaborate Fraud

Brian Deer is coming to town, and Andrew Wakefield plans to be here with supporters to meet him.

Sep 17 2012

When Pregnancy Starts

What kind of idiot would declare that pregnancy starts at the beginning of a menstrual period? Well, doctors.

Sep 06 2012

Keeping Political Promises

Color-coded chart with one square for each promise. More than half green for promises kept or compromises made.

“Politicians are always making promises, but they never keep them.” Really? Let’s check that out.

Sep 05 2012

Atheism, Plus a Survey

Let’s find out what people really think. And let’s make sure that “people” includes those of us who normally stay quiet.

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