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Feb 11 2013

Worth Getting Right

Kate Clancy helps you understand why a lot of us don’t find the vast majority of evolutionary psychology terribly convincing.

Feb 03 2013

The Evolution of Creationism

It’s fascinating to watch how what were once fairly reasonable ideas, given the state of knowledge at the time, became sacred and entrenched.

Jan 16 2013

Portrait of Deceit

A long time ago, James Randi did something rather important for me. He lied.

Dec 21 2012

Readings in Evolutionary Psychology

A short selection of readings that may interest you.

Dec 15 2012

In a Violent Context

When the incomprehensible happens, we are much happier if we can reduce the event to a single cause.

Dec 12 2012

Chivalry Versus Civilization

Picture of a sword fight from a Renaissance Faire. Bad costumes, bad background.

Well played Esfahani Smith. Well played. Still badly wrong, though.

Dec 10 2012

Evolutionary Psychology, Necessary Complexity, and the Null Hypothesis

Picture of graffito by Banksy: caveman with fast food burger, fries, and shake

What do we assume in the absence of evidence for an hypothesis?

Dec 05 2012

Once You Look Past the Headlines

The scandalous interview with Rebecca Watson that everyone wants you to hear!

Dec 04 2012

Everyone Expects the Naturalistic Fallacy

Portait of a man built up from trees, rainbow, sun, and birds.

“The naturalistic fallacy…seems to be a particularly stubborn error committed by critics of evolutionary psychology…” Oh, really?

Dec 03 2012

Science Denialism? The Role of Criticism

Singling Rebecca Watson’s talk out as anti-science is as ridiculous as the other ways she’s been targeted in the last couple of years.

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