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Aug 13 2013

Or, Male Atheists Have Small Penises

Oh, look. The same old, old, old, bad data is being passed around again

Aug 02 2013

A TED Fellow

Tweet from Sara Mayhew. Text provided in the post.

Really, someone like Sara Mayhew shouldn’t be on The Block Bot. Right?

Jul 18 2013

So You Want to Argue About Evo Psych

Then maybe you should watch the video to find out what we actually said.

Jul 17 2013

But It Changed the World Anyway

What do On the Origin of Species, Broca’s aphasia, the origins of anthropology, the Society of Mutual Autopsy, and early sexist brain science have in common?

Jul 09 2013

How WEIRD Is Evolutionary Psychology?

Really, Pinker?

May 10 2013

Teaching Religious Skepticism

Why would we need “absolute truth” to settle on a position?

May 08 2013

Skepticism, Religion, and Strawmen

If you’re going to answer “religious exemption” argument, answer the argument made.

Apr 21 2013

I Get Email: fMRI and Autism

Graphic showing several brains under several conditions, each with several spots "lit up" to show significant findings.

I did receive one response to my talk at SkepTech that wasn’t entirely positive.

Apr 17 2013

The Use and Abuse of Psychometrics

A brief, simplified look at how the process of developing measurement tools in psychology limits what those tools can tell us.

Apr 05 2013

Things I Learned: YouTube Edition

There’s nothing wrong with being wrong as long as you own up to it and learn.

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