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Jun 19 2014

Historical Note on Skeptic Magicians

Magicians really were experts in their skeptical topics once upon a time.

Apr 13 2014

But How Do You Know the MRAs Are Atheists?

Now, we can point to some numbers that suggest we’re on the right track.

Or at least they make me laugh.

Mar 16 2014

Debate Is Not Inquiry

Wearable Science's ad for their "preformationism" t-shirt, showing smaller and smaller homunculi emerging from the groins of male stick figures.

Fetishizing debate makes us less knowledgeable as a culture and even as a movement, not more.

Feb 28 2014

Another Way to Fleece the Flock

Banner ad with

All that calling something like this a ministry does is change the group of people who throw away their money.

Feb 27 2014

Investment, Disclosure, and Skepticism

A rendered picture of an unbalanced set of scales.

Is his involvement in this topic why Radford is writing terrible posts on it? I don’t know.

Feb 09 2014

Our Lady of Perpetual Ice

The angel of death released from the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Pretty form.

Oh, that looks just like the Virgin Mary. Helen*, do you see that?

Feb 06 2014

About That Grape Nuts GMO Graphic (Update)

Grape Nuts meme showing pictures of old and new packaging. Text provided in the post.

That new meme floating around Twitter and Facebook? It’s missing an important piece of information.

Dec 05 2013

Um, About Those “Male”- and “Female”-Wired Brains

A few days ago, an article came out that excited some people who identify as skeptics.

Nov 03 2013

Just Gossip

In which a “skeptic” reacts poorly to questions.

Aug 13 2013

Or, Male Atheists Have Small Penises

Oh, look. The same old, old, old, bad data is being passed around again

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