Have a little video from the Mr. Paul Aints game a couple of weeks ago. The first minute or so is interview/discussion. Then we see some of our speakers for the next day’s conference. Then…

Anybody else catch themselves thinking that miffing it after that was going to be extra embarassing?

Now I wonder whether anyone took video of Dave Silverman the previous year. Hey, Amanda…?


It’s apparently now measured by the people you’ve interviewed. I don’t do a lot of the interviews on Atheists Talk per se. I host and throw in follow-up questions as I have them. But I’ve done a few.

I think that’s all of them, though all the hosting in between makes it difficult to be sure. How do I do for credibility?

Don’t worry. I won’t blow any of it on bad Photoshops or pointlessly insulting rants.

Good Night, Everybody

Too much time in comments, saying, “I already explained that to you. Please do not make this argument again without acknowledging that I addressed it previously.” Too much other writing to do.

Have something silly.

I can never quite remember how long it took me to notice that they were horrible little creatures.

Embracing the Euphemism

I’m at CSICon this weekend with very limited writing time, so have a fun repost. Originally posted here.

I’ve long had a complicated relationship with euphemisms. On their own, I don’t like them much. I’m annoyed by people’s inability to talk about the things they clearly want or need to talk about. Many of them reflect the negative attitudes that keep us from speaking plainly in the first place. And some of them are just gallingly twee.

However, put a bunch of them together in one place, and they go from an act of denial to a demonstration of our creativity in the face of repression and a testament to the fact that we will talk about these things, no matter how much we’re told we shouldn’t. One lovely example is this song, brought to my attention by Sex, Etc., a sex education site aimed at teenagers. I don’t need to tell you this isn’t work-safe, do I? [Read more…]

He Had It Coming

Bad pain day = no writing. Sometimes, however, the looking for distractions ends in something like this.

Who knew Disney leading ladies were so short-tempered?

The Big Trip

I’m just back from my shortest ever trip to Canada. Turned back at the Canadian Customs station in under 10 minutes. I was also fingerprinted and had my picture taken. And I paid for the privilege.

But the leaves in northern Minnesota are beautiful right now, and the traffic is sparse. That made this a good trip to stop and take a picture of all the very large roadside attractions between here and Warroad. Minnesota seems to collect these things.

After all, where but Garrison do you need a sign like this?

Keep Off the Fish! No leaning on, hanging from or climbing on Fish, including its fins, tail and mouth.

I love how specific that is. It makes me wonder whether they redid the sign every time there was damage to the fish. “Harry, I’m going to need you to add a bit to the sign.” [Read more…]

These Thanks Are for You

I received a video in the mail this morning. While I’m mentioned in it, the thanks involved really go to all of you who participated in the Chase Giving voting on Facebook.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being part of a movement with this much silly in it.