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Mar 06 2014

Today’s Dose of Silly

We were doing Mock the Movie last night, and…things kept flashing by on my Twitter timeline.

Aug 21 2013


Anybody else catch themselves thinking that miffing it after that was going to be extra embarassing?

Feb 27 2013

Lil Women


Jan 30 2013


It’s apparently now measured by the people you’ve interviewed. How do I do?

Dec 16 2012

Christmas Conspiracy

It’s a little like having James Burke as your mad uncle. In all the best ways.

Dec 06 2012

Good Night, Everybody

I can never quite remember how long it took me to notice that they were horrible little creatures.

Oct 27 2012

Embracing the Euphemism

Individually, euphemisms bug me. Collectively, however….

Oct 11 2012

He Had It Coming

How could you tell us that we were wrong?

Oct 02 2012

The Big Trip


Just be glad we didn’t take pictures of all the roadkill skunks.

Sep 24 2012

These Thanks Are for You

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being part of a movement with this much silly in it.

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