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Dec 27 2011

Evidence on the Hebephilia Question

Because the harm of pubescent children having much older sexual partners is apparently in doubt.

Dec 12 2011

Garter Porn

The following video is not for the faint of heart.

Dec 02 2011

Science, Sperm, and a Survey About Your Junk

Sci loves her some science of sex, especially after a long week in the lab.

Nov 10 2011

Pornography and Pulpits

On Greta Christina and the pope. No, really.

Oct 23 2011

On Display: Clothing, Breasts, and Power

Breasts are fascinating, but perhaps not quite for the reason you’re thinking. All right, in addition to the reason you’re thinking.

Oct 19 2011

Why “No Means No”

Hint: No one thinks “no means no” describes the world exactly as it is.

Oct 15 2011

Writing Fiction with Science: Pedophilia

Or, How I Managed to Write a Sympathetic Story About Pedophilia and Get Away With It

Sep 30 2011

Oh, Is It Blasphemy Day?

A command performance.

Sep 02 2011

Humor Study Is Funny Peculiar

Point and Laugh

This week, Scicurious and I are tandem blogging her Friday Weird Science paper. This one just had a bit too much weird for one person. A summer school theater teacher of mine from way back claimed to long for a unique career. He wanted to be a stand-up comedian for preschoolers. There were just one …

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Jun 09 2011

The Judgment of Rep. Weiner

My former roommate, who was also my maid of honor and has consumed more of my turkey soup than anyone but my husband, left a comment on my prior post on the reaction to Weiner’s “sex scandal” that I think is worth addressing at length (in no small part because she asks me to, and …

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