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Apr 23 2012

About Those Gay Homophobes


That new study that says homophobes are latent homosexuals? Yeah, about that…

Apr 09 2012

Talbot’s Awkward Commentary on the Sexual Revolution

The punditry you see in the newspapers and magazines is highly stylized and artificial. Emulating this in your own writing may not be wise.

Mar 17 2012

Good News from Utah

A rare victory in the culture wars.

Mar 05 2012

Utah Getting More Regressive on Sex Education

What has Utah been up to in the culture wars? A guest post.

Mar 03 2012

International Sex Worker Rights Day

There is actually some good news to celebrate this year.

Feb 21 2012

When Sex Isn’t Enough

“I think that the whole point of being sex-positive is to seek out fluffy bunnies in sex and gender, wring their little necks, skin them, and sink our teeth into the meat with relish.”

Feb 15 2012

Hooking Kids on Sex

Now there’s a business model.

Jan 31 2012

A Federal John DNA Database

Whatever your position on legalizing prostitution, don’t miss this article.

Jan 24 2012

The Benefits of Monogamy…or Something

Wedding Rings

A new paper tells us that monogamy has clearly won the cultural battle of ideas–or does it?

Dec 30 2011

Photographing the Male Nude (NSFW, Duh)

Yul Brynner by George Platt Lynnes

For a friend. No, really.

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