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Dec 14 2012

On Political Correctness in Science

What it looks like when political considerations actually prevent scientific research.

Dec 10 2012

Evolutionary Psychology, Necessary Complexity, and the Null Hypothesis

Picture of graffito by Banksy: caveman with fast food burger, fries, and shake

What do we assume in the absence of evidence for an hypothesis?

Dec 05 2012

Once You Look Past the Headlines

The scandalous interview with Rebecca Watson that everyone wants you to hear!

Dec 04 2012

Everyone Expects the Naturalistic Fallacy

Portait of a man built up from trees, rainbow, sun, and birds.

“The naturalistic fallacy…seems to be a particularly stubborn error committed by critics of evolutionary psychology…” Oh, really?

Dec 03 2012

Science Denialism? The Role of Criticism

Singling Rebecca Watson’s talk out as anti-science is as ridiculous as the other ways she’s been targeted in the last couple of years.

Nov 24 2012

Child Sexual Abuse: What “Yucky” Means

Comparison of lifetime risk of various disorders between those with and without experience of child sexual abuse. Females and males reported separately. Discussed in the text.

Richard Dawkins is at it again, talking about things he doesn’t seem to know much about.

Nov 07 2012

The War on Science

Last week, Greg Laden and I got together to tape an episode of the Atheists Talk television show to talk about the War on Science in the U.S.

Oct 31 2012

Doing Social Science Skepticism Right

Encouraging skepticism about social science is very hard to do well. CSICon managed it.

Oct 19 2012

Rape Traumas and Triggers

Setting the record straight on what a trigger is.

Oct 16 2012

About That Evo Psych Polygamy Stuff

Ah, parental investment. So convenient for humans that it ends with weaning.

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