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May 03 2013

Through the Fighting Toward Understanding

A better understanding of where all this dust came from and a better understanding of what is left when it all settles.

Apr 21 2013

I Get Email: fMRI and Autism

Graphic showing several brains under several conditions, each with several spots "lit up" to show significant findings.

I did receive one response to my talk at SkepTech that wasn’t entirely positive.

Apr 17 2013

The Use and Abuse of Psychometrics

A brief, simplified look at how the process of developing measurement tools in psychology limits what those tools can tell us.

Mar 01 2013

Darkness in Anthropology

Never heard of Napoleon Chagnon? Here’s what you need to know.

Feb 12 2013

A “Deep Human History” of Polyandry

It will be interesting to see whether the evolutionary psychology community incorporates this observation going forward.

Feb 12 2013

Time to Go to Medical School

Quick and easy to understand, each of these videos covers an aspect of normal or “abnormal” human physiology.

Feb 11 2013

Worth Getting Right

Kate Clancy helps you understand why a lot of us don’t find the vast majority of evolutionary psychology terribly convincing.

Feb 03 2013

The Evolution of Creationism

It’s fascinating to watch how what were once fairly reasonable ideas, given the state of knowledge at the time, became sacred and entrenched.

Jan 27 2013

When Denial Is Progress

Sometimes it’s the act of noticing out loud that makes the difference.

Jan 05 2013

Going Further on Evolutionary Psychology

Have I been taking it too easy on evolutionary psychology?

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