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Jun 24 2014

The Problem with Physics

I see it as a common failing of a physics education.

May 29 2014

TBT: Exactly Wrong

I’m always fascinated by how “common sense” works.

May 25 2014

On Trigger Warnings and “Scientific Arguments”

Or, you need more than science to make a compelling argument.

Dec 10 2013

A Belated Present

Photo of the interior of the Atlas, with a photo of a caddisfly fishing lure as a modern specimin of the species.

Academics give the most fun birthday presents.

Dec 05 2013

Um, About Those “Male”- and “Female”-Wired Brains

A few days ago, an article came out that excited some people who identify as skeptics.

Sep 13 2013

Sexual Assault Plus

Photo of light streaming through very dark clouds.

On Dawkins’ ideas on ranking the badness of sexual assault.

Jul 18 2013

So You Want to Argue About Evo Psych

Then maybe you should watch the video to find out what we actually said.

Jul 17 2013

But It Changed the World Anyway

What do On the Origin of Species, Broca’s aphasia, the origins of anthropology, the Society of Mutual Autopsy, and early sexist brain science have in common?

Jul 09 2013

How WEIRD Is Evolutionary Psychology?

Really, Pinker?

May 04 2013

Ready for the End of the World

Just in case you wondered why some of us are interested in loosening belief and encouraging uncertainty.

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