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Dec 10 2013

A Belated Present

Photo of the interior of the Atlas, with a photo of a caddisfly fishing lure as a modern specimin of the species.

Academics give the most fun birthday presents.

Nov 12 2013

St. Paul’s Catholic Abuse Scandal Heating Up

This is likely to get uglier as time goes on.

Oct 06 2013

Honoring Its Promise to Protect

“Until this occurs, I do not believe that it can be said that the Archdiocese is honoring its promise to protect.”

Oct 02 2013

Evangelicals Have Their Own Means of Quashing Abuse Accusations

Now, where have I heard about behavior like this before?

Oct 02 2013

But There’s No Theocracy Here

Some members of our House would prefer a theocracy to the democracy we have.

Sep 24 2013

Get Those Atheists Into Church

Get involved with Interview an Atheist at Church Day.

Sep 23 2013

“That’s Their Problem”

A surprising reply to two practical considerations.

Aug 25 2013

Someone Is Confused About Ethics

Yes, atheist ethics are often poorly thought out. And?

Jul 17 2013

But It Changed the World Anyway

What do On the Origin of Species, Broca’s aphasia, the origins of anthropology, the Society of Mutual Autopsy, and early sexist brain science have in common?

Jul 09 2013

Women Leaving Religion

More Women in Secularism videos out today! Here’s my first.

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