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Jul 17 2014

“You’re Not Oppressed, White Atheist Dudes”

It’s the Dear Muslima of progressive atheists.

Apr 04 2014

I’m Just a Bill

Photo of Minnesota House bill #2966, allowing atheist and humanist nonprofits that sponsor training for marriage officiants to appoint such officiants.

Isn’t it pretty?

Apr 03 2014

How Does This Become a Thing?

Off in a random corner of YouTube, I accidentally discovered mime dance.

Apr 01 2014

Contraception Is a Health Issue

The news out of Bartlesville today was…squirmy.

Mar 30 2014

How Ethical Are These Directives?

Picture of a crucifix with a gaunt, agonized Jesus.

Just what is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops telling us we “accept” at Catholic health care facilities?

Mar 29 2014

A Town Without Contraception

“When contacted Friday, one OB-GYN’s office confirmed that doctors had recently been told they could not prescribe birth control.”

Mar 17 2014

This Is What a Witch Hunt Looks Like

It’s just like the blogosphere, isn’t it?

Mar 10 2014

Why We Marry, Part 2: The State

Now it’s time to look at the state’s interest in marriage, because it does have a legitimate one.

Mar 05 2014

“No One Else Has Done More”

This is what the new pope considers world-class transparency and responsibility.

Mar 03 2014

Why We Marry, Part 1: The Ceremony

Marriage ceremonies are one of many types rituals that mark transitions in life.

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