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Jul 28 2014

The Time Lord Was Fine, but Creation?

“And cue the complaints, every single one from certain areas of America known as the Bible Belt.”

Jul 17 2014

“You’re Not Oppressed, White Atheist Dudes”

It’s the Dear Muslima of progressive atheists.

Apr 04 2014

I’m Just a Bill

Photo of Minnesota House bill #2966, allowing atheist and humanist nonprofits that sponsor training for marriage officiants to appoint such officiants.

Isn’t it pretty?

Apr 03 2014

How Does This Become a Thing?

Off in a random corner of YouTube, I accidentally discovered mime dance.

Apr 01 2014

Contraception Is a Health Issue

The news out of Bartlesville today was…squirmy.

Mar 30 2014

How Ethical Are These Directives?

Picture of a crucifix with a gaunt, agonized Jesus.

Just what is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops telling us we “accept” at Catholic health care facilities?

Mar 29 2014

A Town Without Contraception

“When contacted Friday, one OB-GYN’s office confirmed that doctors had recently been told they could not prescribe birth control.”

Mar 17 2014

This Is What a Witch Hunt Looks Like

It’s just like the blogosphere, isn’t it?

Mar 10 2014

Why We Marry, Part 2: The State

Now it’s time to look at the state’s interest in marriage, because it does have a legitimate one.

Mar 05 2014

“No One Else Has Done More”

This is what the new pope considers world-class transparency and responsibility.

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