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Jan 21 2013

Hanging On

“Thank you for being part of the reason why I’m just an asshole.”

Jan 19 2013

Rape Goggles

Pic of tweet from Wooly Bumblebee. Text in post.

This one involves MRAs, Wooly Bumblebee, and the details of sexual assault. It’s not pretty.

Jan 09 2013

Your Morning Victim Shaming

Apparently I should stop drinking, hide in my house, and get counseling I don’t actually need.

Jan 08 2013

Do You Know How Scary This Is?

Since Rebecca tweeted about drunkeness and rape, I’ve been seeing a response from generally well-meaning guys. (Yes, I do mean guys.) These are guys who “support” anti-rape efforts in that they are happy to stand up and tell anyone who will listen that rape is bad. They don’t exactly support the idea that we need …

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Dec 19 2012

“Consent Is Hard”

Will it always be immediately clear whether someone wants to have sex with you? No. So what?

Dec 13 2012

Joking About Rape

So Jamie Kilstein wrote a funny thing about rape.

Dec 09 2012

We Have No Authority

You don’t have to be as big as the Catholic Church to be rotten with corruption on the topic of childhood sexual assault.

Dec 04 2012

Everyone Expects the Naturalistic Fallacy

Portait of a man built up from trees, rainbow, sun, and birds.

“The naturalistic fallacy…seems to be a particularly stubborn error committed by critics of evolutionary psychology…” Oh, really?

Nov 29 2012

So Many Helpless Men

“Wasn’t she saying, ‘Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly?’ ” You mean the 11-year-old?

Nov 24 2012

Child Sexual Abuse: What “Yucky” Means

Comparison of lifetime risk of various disorders between those with and without experience of child sexual abuse. Females and males reported separately. Discussed in the text.

Richard Dawkins is at it again, talking about things he doesn’t seem to know much about.

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