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Mar 05 2014

“No One Else Has Done More”

This is what the new pope considers world-class transparency and responsibility.

Mar 04 2014

“No One Doubts or Denies”, The Recent Literature on Rape Myth Acceptance

The reality is that the specter of false accusations is commonly believed and frequently raised.

Mar 01 2014

Bringing Them to Light

Because I’m not going to add to the false impression that rape victims are don’t generally face hostile disbelief when they speak out.

Feb 27 2014

Investment, Disclosure, and Skepticism

A rendered picture of an unbalanced set of scales.

Is his involvement in this topic why Radford is writing terrible posts on it? I don’t know.

Nov 12 2013

St. Paul’s Catholic Abuse Scandal Heating Up

This is likely to get uglier as time goes on.

Oct 10 2013

What Does It Say?

Dear DPRJones and C0nc0rdance….

Oct 07 2013

The Case Against Female Self-Esteem, Part IV

“Women don’t want to have high self-esteem.”

Oct 06 2013

Honoring Its Promise to Protect

“Until this occurs, I do not believe that it can be said that the Archdiocese is honoring its promise to protect.”

Oct 02 2013

Evangelicals Have Their Own Means of Quashing Abuse Accusations

Now, where have I heard about behavior like this before?

Sep 13 2013

Sexual Assault Plus

Photo of light streaming through very dark clouds.

On Dawkins’ ideas on ranking the badness of sexual assault.

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