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Sep 24 2013

Hell If I Know, Facebook, or Care

Dear Facebook: You’re behaving ridiculously. Stop it.

Jun 06 2012

Black and White

I just ran into the very last “both sides” skeptic that I could handle right now.

Aug 25 2011

Why Should I Pay for Your Health Insurance?

A friend of mine from high school asked on Facebook a few days ago, “Why should I pay for your health insurance?” Because we have a certain amount of history together, I’m going to answer that question seriously instead of hiding or unfriending this person, which would be my normal inclination with anyone who has …

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Jun 17 2011

With Friends Like These

Times Higher Education has just posted a rather amusing defense of evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa. If you managed to miss the poorly analyzed Psychology Today blog post he wrote that put him in a defensive position, I recommend you catch up here before reading the letter. All set now? Good. We believe the recent criticisms …

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Jun 16 2011

The Coupling Rant

I love my fandom, and my fandom drives me insane. By “my fandom,” I mean the people who interact with science fiction and fantasy in a critical capacity with an eye to getting things right. They want the science to not be silly (or at least not any sillier than it has to be for …

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Jun 13 2011

The Good Bad Girl

I’ve been watching the DC comics reboot commentary without much personal stake. It bothers me that the universe is losing Oracle in a redesign touted as promoting diversity, but at a slight remove. I’m not part of the audience for these comics. Watching a bunch of white guys of a certain age decide that they …

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Jun 05 2011

Living in the Dark

It’s no secret that my childhood was no sunny idyll. If you’ve managed to miss it, you can catch up some here and here and here. It’s not much fun, though. I’ve spent much of the last week swapping stories that aren’t going to make it onto the blog with a friend. It isn’t something …

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Apr 19 2011

Juniper Rants

Juniper Shoemaker is a very busy woman. She’s working on her biomedical PhD while filling in the gaps that an B.A. in English will leave in one’s science education. Plus she’s got her own set of personal challenges she’s meeting at the same time. I admire that woman beyond words. And oh, the words. She …

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Feb 15 2011

Shut Up Already

I’m a fairly quiet person. I don’t talk a lot. It isn’t because my brain is empty. It certainly isn’t because sitting back and listening gets you an audience in return. Like any woman, I get ignored and talked over all the time. In fact, I have a three-strikes rule. Interrupt or talk over me …

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Feb 08 2011

The Physics Male: A High School Ethnography

This is my first piece of writing that first garnered a real response. The first draft of this, written when I was a junior in high school, was passed around, ripped apart, crumpled up, thrown in the trash, retrieved, flattened out, and taped to the chalkboard. I’m posting it here because a number of high …

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