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Aug 24 2013

“Nailed” David Fitzgerald on Atheists Talk

David Fitzgerald is back on Atheists Talk!

Aug 17 2013

“The Happy Atheist”, PZ Myers on Atheists Talk

Tune in this Sunday, when we talk to PZ Myers about his new book and what he’s accomplished as a blogger.

Aug 09 2013

“FFRF 2013 Convention” Annie Laurie Gaylor on Atheists Talk

After this weekend’s conference, conference headliner Annie Laurie Gaylor joins us on the air.

Aug 02 2013

“The Citizen Lobbyist”, Amanda Knief on Atheists Talk

Citizen lobbyists are very much needed for our democratic processes to work.

Jul 26 2013

“Hope After Faith”, Jerry DeWitt on Atheists Talk

Join us this Sunday as DeWitt talks to us about his new book.

Jul 19 2013

“The Complete Heretic’s Guide to Western Religion Book One: The Mormons”, David Fitzgerald on Atheists Talk

The book attempts to shed light on the practices and ideas that drive the Mormon church, and in doing so is part history book, FAQ, expose, and comedy revue.

Jul 14 2013

Cecil Bothwell on Atheists Talk

Think laws meant to keep atheists out of office don’t matter because they’re unconstitutional? Ask Cecil Bothwell.

Jul 05 2013

“Spillover”, David Quammen on Atheists Talk

Infections scare us as a species. We are fascinated by the ability of microscopic entities to wreak such havoc upon us. We are glued to the news when reports come in of rapidly spreading infections. AIDS, ebola, hantavirus and virulent new strains of flu are just a few of the diseases that have recently captured …

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Jun 28 2013

“Paleofantasy”, Marlene Zuk on Atheists Talk

Join us this Sunday when Dr. Zuk shatters our myths and replaces them with reality.

Jun 22 2013

“Skepticism 101″, Michael Shermer on Atheists Talk

This Sunday Dr. Shermer joins Atheists Talk to discuss his course Skepticism 101: How to Think Like a Scientist.

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