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Jan 25 2014

“First Amendment Journalism”, Jamila Bey on Atheists Talk

Join us this Sunday as we talk to Jamila Bey about her work and why atheists and other underrepresented groups need an independent media.

Jan 18 2014

Geeks Without God on Atheists Talk

We hope you will join us this Sunday when Tim Wick, Molly Glover and Nick Glover join Atheists Talk – live in the studio! – to discuss Geeks Without God.

Jan 10 2014

“Refusing Atheist Money”, Hemant Mehta on Atheists Talk

The end of the year is a traditional time for charitable giving and volunteering. Atheist and secular humanist groups have made great strides in the last few years on providing their members with opportunities to give both money and time as part of a community. Local community groups develop long-term relationships with community service organizations. …

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Jan 04 2014

“Daylight Atheism”, Adam Lee on Atheists Talk

We hope you will join us on Atheists Talk this Sunday when we speak with Adam Lee about his most recent book, Daylight Atheism.

Dec 27 2013

“A Manual for Creating Atheists”, Peter Boghossian on Atheists Talk

Dr. Peter Boghossian joins us to discuss his newly published book, A Manual for Creating Atheists.

Dec 21 2013

“Not Home for the Holidays”, Sarah Morehead on Atheists Talk

Sarah Morehead, Executive Director of Recovering from Religion, joins us this Sunday to talk about the challenges formerly religious atheists face during this time of year and some of the ways people find to cope.

Dec 14 2013

“A Better Life”, Chris Johnson on Atheists Talk

Join us this Sunday as we talk to Chris Johnson about the making of his beautiful new book.

Dec 07 2013

“God Bless America”, Karen Stollznow on Atheists Talk

This Sunday, Dr. Karen Stollnow joins us to talk about her new book on American religious practices that fall well outside the mainstream.

Nov 30 2013

“Think: Why You Should Question Everything”, Guy P. Harrison on Atheists Talk

Author Guy P. Harrison, honored guest of Atheists Talk, returns once again to discuss science, skepticism and critical thinking.

Nov 23 2013

“Abominable Science!”, Donald Prothero on Atheists Talk

Join us to hear palaeontologist Donald Prothero talk about cryptids and all-too-real science denialists.

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