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Jul 18 2014

“Pop Culture Chemistry”, Raychelle Burks on Atheists Talk

Our rescheduled interview with Dr. Rubidium.

Jun 27 2014

“39 Unconvincing Arguments for God”, August Berkshire on Atheists Talk

How many bad arguments are there for the existence of god(s)?

Jun 20 2014

“Greece v. Galloway”, Linda Stephens on Atheists Talk

This Sunday, we’ll speak with Linda Stephens about her experiences with the council and her involvement with the case.

Jun 06 2014

“Grief Beyond Belief”, Rebecca Hensler on Atheists Talk

Rebecca Hensler joins us this Sunday to talk about Grief Beyond Belief and the challenges that deaths of our loved ones provide for atheists.

May 30 2014

“The Galapagos: A Natural History”, Henry Nicholls on Atheists Talk

The celebrated journalist, author, editor and broadcaster joins us this week to talk about his recent book.

May 24 2014

“Communicating Climate Change”, Paul Douglas on Atheists Talk

Paul Douglas has been explaining climate change to conservative Christians. We’ll talk to him about how he’s done it.

May 17 2014

Camp Quest of Minnesota on Atheists Talk

Tune in this Sunday to find out what’s in store for this year’s inquisitive campers.

May 09 2014

“Atheist Art” Amy Davis Roth on Atheists Talk

This Sunday, Surly Amy joins us to talk about what motivates her to create art and what we may be looking for as atheism develops an art of its own.

May 02 2014

Spin Doctors’ Mark White on Atheists Talk

Coming off of his talk at American Atheist’s National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah this past month, Mark White joins us on Atheists Talk radio.

Apr 25 2014

“Coming Out Atheist”, Greta Christina on Atheists Talk

Join us this Sunday when we talk to Greta Christina about her new book and how we can make the world a better place to be out as an atheist.

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