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Sep 09 2013

30 Days on the National Atheist Party Board

One woman’s lived experience of the National Atheist Party.

Sep 06 2013

It’s Not the Libertarianism

Bumper sticker reading "Real Americans are Libertarians" over a picture of the U.S. flag.

So, so many bad arguments. They can’t all be coming from one point on the political compass.

Jul 28 2013

Very Different Objections to Talking Abortion Rights

When atheists on the left and the right object to the same event, you can really see the differences in styles.

Jul 02 2013


Secular Woman tackles abortion this July.

Jun 26 2013


Tweet from 11 minutes before the end of the legislative session. Text quoted in the post.

Because apparently screaming is what it takes.

Jun 13 2013

Republican Legislator Demonstrates “Men’s Brains” Bad at Science and Math

If this is what men’s brains are supposed to be like, you can keep them.

May 30 2013

Lobbying a “Necessary Evil”?

In which Massimo Pigliucci uncharacteristically fails to make a good case for his position.

May 27 2013

Fallen Warriors

We suck at remembering.

May 02 2013

Patriarchy for Dummies

Toward a simple explanation.

Apr 30 2013

One Nation Indivisible

Join Minnesota Atheists in the capitol rotunda this Thursday.

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