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Mar 14 2014

The Day I Decided to Have an Abortion

Possibly an easier decision than “chocolate or strawberry”.

Mar 13 2014

You Made Your Bed, Now Burn in It

“You YELLED at me!” he yelled. “We don’t yell in this house.”

Mar 10 2014

Why We Marry, Part 2: The State

Now it’s time to look at the state’s interest in marriage, because it does have a legitimate one.

Feb 12 2014

Reviewing Marriage Officiant Law

What states allow marriage officiants who aren’t tied to the court or to a religious denomination?

Jan 17 2014

Toward an Independent Freethought Media

So why is independent news media so important?

Jan 06 2014

Minnesota Nonbelievers, Your Opinions Please

We have an opportunity to represent you on this issue, and we want to know what that means.

Nov 03 2013

Minneapolis 2013 Sample Ballot

Looking for information and advice on the Minneapolis city elections this year?

Oct 02 2013

But There’s No Theocracy Here

Some members of our House would prefer a theocracy to the democracy we have.

Sep 30 2013

Allies and Identities

Photo of three action figures--Gold, Iron Man, and the Tin Man--arm in arm.

Define “ally”? Sure. Simple. Right?

Sep 23 2013

“That’s Their Problem”

A surprising reply to two practical considerations.

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