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Apr 29 2012

Say, “Thank You”

Oh, but what a strange (lovely) weekend this is.

Mar 22 2012

What Maternal Instinct?

One gets to thinking of babies as fragile if one goes too long without touching them. Well, I do.

Feb 05 2012

Taking Off the Act

As an actor, if you’re any good, you rehearse your characters in a way you don’t practice being yourself.

Nov 26 2011

The Next Thing I Know, I’m Going Down

The good news is that I understand, even then, that this is temporary. I don’t believe it, but I understand it.

Nov 24 2011

Let’s Thank the Right People

To whom are you thankful–and have you told them yet?

May 02 2011

Big News Is Too Big

The first time I stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon, my response was, “Yep. That’s big.” Then I promptly slipped on some ice and wrenched my knee. I spent the rest of that brief visit sitting down, slowly doling out peanuts to the ravens. I remember the ravens in a fair amount of …

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Dec 01 2010


Oh. Hi. Let’s just go through a few of the highlights since my last blog post, shall we? Let’s start with that day. Sunday Having spent the last three weeks in the middle of fall housecleaning, the past two while our main staircase is being finished, I have about an hour’s more work to do …

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Sep 20 2010


“Did you know that there are people who don’t hold hands when they sleep?” “Really? Weird.” “I know. What’s up with that?” “Or maybe we’re weird.” “Don’t care.” “Maybe they’ll think we’re so weird they’ll ostracize us, drive us out of society.” “Still don’t care. I’d rather hold your hand.” “Okay, that’s pretty weird. But …

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Dec 12 2009

Going Emo

You were warned. Some observations from spending far too much time with myself: Competence seems like a pretty cool, objective thing on which to base your self-image…right up to the point where you can’t do what you’ve been doing. Then it all just sort of falls apart. What was the last thing you accomplished? How …

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Aug 01 2009

Vacation Notes

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Portland, Oregon, avoiding the sun and awaiting a wedding. I have one of those underestimating-sun-exposure-due-to-clouds-and-trees sunburns, but life is good otherwise. I’ve made it past the TSA with a minor who isn’t mine and has pins in her arm hidden under a cast. Also with a bottle of …

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