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Aug 03 2013

When Denial Works

“I spent years in denial so deep it was amnesiac. That isn’t a confession.”

Mar 12 2013

Short Trip, Long Week

Brief babbles about Chicago and being an intellect.

Sep 26 2012

When Am I Passing?

Tell me, Scott Brown, with your magical ability to race, when am I not telling the truth about my heritage and my identity?

Jun 20 2012

Why #IDidNotReport

I’m not a victim of sexual assault who just happened to be too weak to report. I’m a victim of sexual assault because I was too weak to report.

May 16 2012

Battle Scars


Not a post for the squeamish.

May 08 2012

Never a Wild Thing

Looking in at the Sendak classic from very far on the outside.

Apr 29 2012

Say, “Thank You”

Oh, but what a strange (lovely) weekend this is.

Mar 22 2012

What Maternal Instinct?

One gets to thinking of babies as fragile if one goes too long without touching them. Well, I do.

Feb 05 2012

Taking Off the Act

As an actor, if you’re any good, you rehearse your characters in a way you don’t practice being yourself.

Nov 26 2011

The Next Thing I Know, I’m Going Down

The good news is that I understand, even then, that this is temporary. I don’t believe it, but I understand it.

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