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Jul 24 2014


I’ve known for a long time that I don’t do well with extended aerobic exercise. I get intensely overwarm, to the point of nausea. I get lightheaded and have trouble thinking. I take a long time to recover, and frequently end up with a headache. I cough for hours afterward. That last one, I knew …

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Jun 26 2014

TBT: Specialist Envy

I am not a specialist.

May 27 2014


It’s really a very good thing that I don’t have Excel at home, because I don’t want to stop working at the end of the day.

May 01 2014

TBT: A Letter to the Kid

Thanks to Skepchick for noting that Throwback Thursday doesn’t have to mean just photos.

Aug 03 2013

When Denial Works

“I spent years in denial so deep it was amnesiac. That isn’t a confession.”

Mar 12 2013

Short Trip, Long Week

Brief babbles about Chicago and being an intellect.

Sep 26 2012

When Am I Passing?

Tell me, Scott Brown, with your magical ability to race, when am I not telling the truth about my heritage and my identity?

Jun 20 2012

Why #IDidNotReport

I’m not a victim of sexual assault who just happened to be too weak to report. I’m a victim of sexual assault because I was too weak to report.

May 16 2012

Battle Scars


Not a post for the squeamish.

May 08 2012

Never a Wild Thing

Looking in at the Sendak classic from very far on the outside.

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