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May 12 2014

Research, Advocacy, and Services

Ben raised $1,000 for MS research and advocacy last year. He’s trying to do the same this year.

Mar 27 2014

Why I Stay

Sometimes people ask me how I stick around. This is how.

Mar 18 2014

You Don’t Want to See Me Gaming

Will the people who want me to debate put their money where their mouths are?

Mar 11 2014

2014 Geeks Without God Camp Quest Scholarship

Geeks Without God is raising funds to send kids who otherwise couldn’t afford it to Camp Quest here in Minnesota.

Mar 10 2014

Who’s Going Bowling?

Who else out there is part of this great event?

Jan 17 2014

Toward an Independent Freethought Media

So why is independent news media so important?

Nov 10 2013

In One City Alone

Now that news reports are making it out of the Philippines, the picture is very ugly.

Oct 23 2013

A Mental Health Musical

Once upon a time, familiar fairy tales were re-imagined to show positive portrayals of children with mental health disorders to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Jun 12 2013

Nontheist Chaplains Coming to a Vote

Thursday morning, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on an amendment that would allow nontheistic chaplains in the Chaplain Corps of the Armed Forces.

Jun 09 2013

Atheists in the News

We need a friendlier, more knowledgeable press. Teresa MacBain is giving us that opportunity.

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