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Feb 09 2014

The Cyber Spirits Favor Her

A little conversation about the denial-of-service attack on Freethought Blogs, Skepchick, and Feminist Frequency. With libel for…spice?

Nov 24 2013

Puppies, the New Accuracy?

Screen cap of tweet from Sharon Hill (@IDoubtIt). Text: I think @szvan and the #blockbot folks have issues; they need to look at cute puppies. http://instagram.com/p/g-0ttJPoAv/ OK, I'm done now.

The puppy also made no statement about Skepticon.

Nov 11 2013

Sara Mayhew’s Response (Updated)

Hand drawn "postcard" of blond woman giving the finger. Titled "Postcard from reality. Wish you were here." Postcard text: "Dear idiots, Sorry you couldn't join us here in the real world! Sara XOXO"

I guess Mayhew didn’t like having the actual story behind “ugly Jew” made public.

Nov 10 2013

The Evolution of Sara Mayhew’s Latest Lie

Screen cap of tweets. Text provided in the post.

The trail on Sara Mayhew’s “ugly Jew” tale.

Nov 08 2013

The Response

“Has anyone defended this?”

Nov 06 2013

How Was Your Day?

No threats? Good.

Nov 04 2013

More Corroboration of Shermer Groping Incident

Screen cap of Facebook comment. Text provided in the post.

It isn’t anyone you’d expect it to be.

Nov 03 2013

Just Gossip

In which a “skeptic” reacts poorly to questions.

Oct 31 2013

The First Rule of TAM

Carrie Poppy came out with some new information about Michael Shermer and D.J. Grothe yesterday, as well as a recommendation.

Oct 20 2013

I Got It Wrong

I made a mistake, and I owe Christie Wilcox and this community an apology.

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