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May 08 2014

TBT: Negotiables

The answer is both blindingly simple and incredibly difficult in practice: it’s negotiable.

Apr 22 2014

What Courage Looks Like

Screen cap of pic from Melody Hensley. Text in the post.

Our narratives around courage are lopsided. We recognize derring do, rushing into bad situations. Even when it’s poorly thought out or downright suicidal, we reward that kind of behavior by calling it bravery.

Apr 21 2014

The Failure Mode of Naked

Color painting of a woman naked except for a few non-concealing, black-and-white ribbons. In the upper right is a UPC barcode labeled, "Women's Rights". In large text along one side of the painting is the text "What glass ceiling?"

When the message failed, all that was left was objectification.

Apr 17 2014

How Twitter Can Combat Harassment in Three Easy Steps

A language hotspot map using color to designate threat level.

No need to thank me or credit me for making your jobs easier or your service more user-friendly. Just take the advice and make it happen.

Apr 15 2014

How Could Twitter Possibly Cause PTSD?

It’s just the internet, right? Just pixels? Just electrons? It doesn’t affect “real life”.

Apr 10 2014

So You’ve Got Yourself a Policy. Now What?

So you really, really want to get this right the first time, but all you have to go on is one ambiguous incident. This is not a fun place to be.

Apr 08 2014

Poo at a Wall, Part II (Updated)

In which Edie Kendel continues to try to find dirt on me, and I continue to be boringly straightforward.

Mar 27 2014

Such a Busy Week

Need more examples of why you don’t include the handle of people who have blocked you when you tweet about them?

Mar 26 2014

In Which I Harass Someone Off the Internet

Picture of tweet that contains a picture of another tweet. Text of both tweets included in the post.

Or, How Stories Change

Mar 25 2014

Skeptech: Updating a Harassment Policy

Last year, Skeptech asked me to help revise their harassment policy. Here’s a peek behind the curtain.

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