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Jul 05 2014

Returning to the Scene, Or Coming Back After Harassment

Let us help you get things right, because ultimately, it’s going to be you who bears the blame and criticism if and when you get it wrong.

Jun 28 2014

Congratulations, Richard Dawkins

Screen cap of Twitter conversation. Text included in the post.

Dear Professor Dawkins, congratulations on your new intellectual peer group–the slime pit.

Jun 07 2014

How Mother Jones Set Me Up for Harassment

Screen shot of tweets aimed at Mother Jones and the author of the article. Text provided in the post.

Knock this shit off, Mother Jones. It’s abusive to your writers. It’s abusive to your readers.

Jun 05 2014

The Best Defense

Picture of a cane toad with a mouse tail sticking out of its mouth. FtB logo necklace around its neck and another toad's hand on its arm. Cane toad: Is D.J. Grothe a psychopath? Greg, get off my back. Other toad: I'm not Greg. It's PZ.

In which it’s totes okay that D. J. Grothe threatened to lie in order to get someone to recant her story of an attempted sexual assault, because I’m mean.

Jun 02 2014


Screen cap of tweets from iamcuriousblue. Text in the post.

If we were to conflate lying and psychopathy, as iamcuriousblue appears to be doing, who’s the psychopath in these encounters?

Jun 01 2014

D. J. Grothe, Psychopath?

Photo of D. J. Grothe speaking at TAM 2011.

These stories people told me about Grothe almost all involve the word “psychopath”.

May 19 2014

Atheists Are the Worst

Just in case you thought all the hashtag trolling came from anonymous folks on the internet.

May 08 2014

TBT: Negotiables

The answer is both blindingly simple and incredibly difficult in practice: it’s negotiable.

Apr 22 2014

What Courage Looks Like

Screen cap of pic from Melody Hensley. Text in the post.

Our narratives around courage are lopsided. We recognize derring do, rushing into bad situations. Even when it’s poorly thought out or downright suicidal, we reward that kind of behavior by calling it bravery.

Apr 21 2014

The Failure Mode of Naked

Color painting of a woman naked except for a few non-concealing, black-and-white ribbons. In the upper right is a UPC barcode labeled, "Women's Rights". In large text along one side of the painting is the text "What glass ceiling?"

When the message failed, all that was left was objectification.

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